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PNP 01.06.2011
Roller coaster drive made in the Bavarian Forest

This is how roller coasters all over the world come to life: Company manager Heinz-Herbert Berger and electrical engineering master Uwe Ilg are presenting their linear propulsions.


















 2.quarter 2010
Efficiency up to the roof

Technical understanding and engagement help the company to gain a lot when it comes to energy efficiency. An energy advising from professionals still finds further potential for an optimised energy input.




PNP 22.04.2010
Bianca belongs to 101 of 1832 that passed with a “One”

All 1832 adolescents, that successfully passed their apprenticeship certification exams in more than 100 professions (commercial and technical), managed according to IHK vice president...


















Tauscher produces linear drives for entertainment parc 13.09.2008
Possible application for 2000 meter long railway in Abu- Dhabi - New building Neureut is almost ready to move in

Two good news from Tauscher in Aigenstadl-Neureut. First the newly planned building in Neureut is almost ready for occupation. Second the company has a new major contract.






















PNP 21.09.2007
Transformer company will move in 2008

Transformers made by Tauscher in Aigenstadl are in demand all over the world. To be able to grow more, the company wants to invest 2,6 million € within the time from 2005 to 2010. The biggest project is the move to Neureut in autumn 2008.




PC&Industrie August 2007
Electromechanic components

For switchboards and machine control builders we now produce EI-transformers in a potted construction with DIN rail mounting TS 353.
























PNP 17.05.2007
District administrator and mayor visit the companies Europyarn and Tauscher

Tauscher manager  Heinz-Herbert Berger explains to Peter Kaspar, Alexander Muthmann and Ralph Heinrich the production of transformers.






















Markt und Technik, exhibition paper Eletronica 2006
Transformers for difficult areas

Tauscher Transformatorenfabrik developed new constructions of humidity proof transformers and inductive components.




Design und Elektronik paper 10
Tauscher shows the transformer program on the exhibition, 10.10.06

Part of the transformer program of Tauscher are the high potential isolating transformers.
























September 2006, Tauscher did it
Five apprentices in five jobs, qualified personnel raised on our own

Heinz Berger, manager of Tauscher in Aigenstadl-Neureut, is not the type of  business man that educates young people only to redeem the standards. “It’s our goal to raise our future qualified personnel on our own”.




2006 “In the lead”
Transformers with one potting

Max-Planck- and Fraunhofer institutionscount to their customer, Siemens power plant technology and several universities are convinced by their developments: Tauscher in Aigenstadl (district Freyung-Grafenau) built up a reputation with their developments.


















PNP 12.11.05, Tauscher works on new developments
Cast resin as part of the construction material

With expertise and quality Tauscher in Freyung-Aigenstadl (district Freyung-Grafenau) succeeds on the international market. Currently the company works on several development projects.




Information visit at two flagship objects, 01.03.05
Transformer factory Tauscher and Europeyarn-TWD succeed in competition

A lot of praising was done about the expansion of Tauscher in Aigenstadl with manager Heinz Berger. The generally tough economic area in the years 2003 and 2004 also had a drawback for Tauscher, Berger explained while walking through the company building.


















PNP 06.12.04
Tauschers transformers will be produced in a furniture store

Heinz Berger, manager Tauscher Transformatorenfabrik in Aigenstadl, doesn’t like to do things by halve. If business or his hobby, flying, he always acts strategically, even like a perfectionist.




unserRadio 27.08.04
Interview with Heinz-Herbert Berger and host Christian Riedl unserRadio

topic: EU east expansion
Tauschers experiences from working together with Czech Republic.


















PNP 22.11.03
Project for mobile power supplies in US-trucks

New orders about linear motors are not in sight for Tauscher, because the customers barely invest. But there is a big project in the sample phase for mobile power supplies with 5 kW power, which would be built in American trucks.




PNP 27.01.03
FDP visits Tauscher Transformatorenfabrik

Despite a general economic crisis, Tauscher still does not need short-time work. The district FDP is very happy about this while visiting the company building...


















PNP 16.11.02
Tauscher delivers linear motors for a revolutionary railway technology

With the delivery of 251 linear motors for “Neue Bahntechnik Paderborn” Tauscher in Aigenstadl is part of a revolutionary railway technology. But still: Damped optimism.




PNP 2002
Freyungs CSU visits Tauscher in Aigenstadl

Tauscher, under the lead of manager Heinz Berger and his wife, produces 1000 transformers for medicine-, control-, automation- and audio technology as well as for photovoltaic and other areas with future.


















Exhibition pre-news about  Electronica 2000 in Munich
Article in the paper “Die Messe” of Electronica 2000

Transformers, chokes, transducers and inductive components, technically optimised and operation during stress simulated on the computer.




PNP 12.10.2000
Tauscher can’t expand the company building

Mayor Fritz Wimmer speaks of a dilemma: Of course he wants to keep Tauscher with all the workplaces in Freyung - and make the needed company expansion possible.


















PNP 19.11.1999 und 23.11.1999
Biggest single investment of the transformer manufacturer

For more than a million DM Tauscher installed a potting robot, so far the biggest single investment in the company history. To be able to transport the enormous device, the building even needed a new entrance.






















PNP 22.12.1998
Tauscher gains mroe than 10 million DM volume

With a volume of over 10 million Mark, Tauscher gained so far the highest company result. Even though the prices on the market are falling, the strategy of Heinz-Herbert Berger and Antonie Tauscher-Berger succeeded.




PNP 14.05.1998
Wiesheu: Why our employees don’t have to fear the collegues of CZ

Production in cheap salary countries in the east destroy work places especially in East Bavaria. Maybe only rumours?
























PNP 1998
With special solutions against the international competition

Heinz-Herbert Berger, who leads the company that was founded by Leo Tauscher in 1976, knows exactly that he won’t stand a chance with mass consumption goods.




PNP 21.03.1998
Stators for the fastest roller coaster of the world

Heinz Berger proudly shows a picture of the fastest roller coaster of the world. His company was in charge of the superlative “fastest”.










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