Maintenance-free supply transformer 20 kV

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Maintenance-free supply transformer 20 kV

BV 11086001

Customer’s demand

We are looking for a distribution transformer for our company which generates 400 V from 20 kV medium voltage. The transformer should be maintenance-free. Due to environmental reasons no oil may be involved. On the low voltage side it should be possible to have very high unbalanced loads on one or two phases.


We develop a cast resin transformer which has a good heat conductivity due to the geometrics. The electrical isolation of the high voltage winding is done with epoxy cast resin with high voltage resistance, low polarisation and a potting in vacuum without bubbles. An additional acoustic isolation reduces hum noises.
Due to the vector group Yz5 we get a good coupling of the phases and the core legs. The transformer can cope well with unbalanced loads due to this.
By using special transformer metal sheets with a round cross section and low losses we manage very low standby and partial load losses. The tappings on the medium voltage side make an adaptable voltage possible. Furthermore the voltage of the transformer could be regulated by an external circuit, similar to a RONT (adjustable mains transformer).

Technical data

Primary: 3 x 20 kV +/- 4% taps
Secondary: 3 x 400 V
Power: 50 kVA
Dimensions: 860 x 412 x 750 mm
Weight: 400 kg

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