Three-phase transformer 300 kVA

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three-phase transformer 300 kVA

BV 2914104

Customer’s demand

Our customer builds test and simulation systems for the solar technology. Photovoltaic cells react different during possible weather conditions. The characteristics and the behaviour of various solar cells should be set and programmed freely. The transformer has to generate and supply the needed power in many various steps.


We construct a 200 kW three-phase transformer for twelve pulse rectification with the vector group Dddyy. Like this the rectified voltage is low on ripples and stable. The powersteps can be reached by several primary taps.

Technical data

Power: 300 kVA
Dimensions: 1100 mm x 700 mm x 770 mm
Weight: 1030 kg
Vector group: Dddyy
Sec: 2 x 6 phases with each 60° phase shift
2 x twelvepulse rectification

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