Three-phase transformer forwards and backwards

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Three-phase transformer forwards and backwards

BV 1965005

Customer’s demand

Our customer is looking for a 3-phase transformer for application in a 50 kW inverter. The transformer is supposed to be part of a bidirectional 4-phase inverter. Both primary and secondary need a star connection with outwards lead star point. The power should be transferable in both directions. Every phase, this includes the star point, should be able to cope with only one third of the total power, when operated monophasic.


We construct an adapted three phase transformer with adjusted primary- and secondary winding. As vector group YNyn0 is used.

Technical data

Power: 50 kVA
Primary: 3 x 400 V
Secondary: x 400 V
Current: 80 A
Weight: 300 kg
Vector group: YNyn0

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