Sinusoidal filter with additional wiring

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Sinusoidal filter

BV 29071002

Customer’s demand

For the activation of a magnet motor coil the transformer needs a three phase sinusoidal filter. It’s supposed to eliminate problems of strong EMC scattering around 1 MHz, which is caused by a clocked inverter. This should be done by a reduction of rise of voltage. The construction of the device has to be very individual, so it will be possible to adjust the critical frequencies very accurate by means of additional parts (resistors and capacitors). Simultaneously the layout should be very compact and touch-proof.


A standard three phase sinusoidal filter with knife blade sheets finds a use here. The layout (choke and additional wiring) is placed on a base plate and has a protective cover made of perforated metal plate (for sufficient ventilation and cooling).

Technical data

Inductance: 3 x 200 µH
Fundamental wave: 35 Aeff @100 Hz
Harmonic: 1,5 Aeff @ 8 kHz
Sinusoidal filter with additional wiring and contact protection

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