Three-phase test transformer 225 kVA

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Three-phase test transformer 225 kVA

BV 2914094

Customer’s demand

For our photovoltaic simulation system we need a three-phase power transformer to generate many different voltage steps. A various number of test objects should be measured with this. For the electrical wiring in our device we need rather long connectors.


We build a three-phase transformer with cooling canals and tappings at the windings to pick off the right voltages. Long litz wires are connected to the winding wires to make the electrical wiring of the connectors possible.

Technical data

Power: 225 kVA
Vector group: Dddyy
Dimensions: 780 mm x 500 mm x 820 mm
Weight: 1000 kg
Sec: 2 x 6 phases with each 60° phase shift

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