Three phase transformer for 18 pulse rectification

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Three-phase transformer for 18 pulse rectification

Customer demand

We would like to build a three-phase rectification with very low residual ripple. An additional smoothing for example in form of capacitors should not be needed. The circuit feedback has to be minimal. Thus we build a 18-pulse rectification for which we need a fitting three phase transformer.


We build a three phase transformer with partial windings that have a phase-shift of 360/18 = 20°. Due to this the residual ripple will be very low. As no galvanic separation is necessary the transformer design is with tapped autotransformer windings.

Technical data

Power: 26 kVA
Input: 3 x 440 V / 690 V
Output: 9 x 254 V / 400 V
Length: 360 mm
Width: 170 mm
Height: 365 mm
Weight: 60 kg

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