Choke for IGBT inverter 450 kVA with water cooling

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Choke with water cooling

BV 17017002

Customer demand

For an inverter system for transformer tests we need a compact filter choke which has a mechanic and acoustic separation from the control cabinet. The choke should have a surveillance possibility and needs to be applicable to the existing water cooling. Switching frequency is at 5 kHz. At peak currents up to 1350 A the inductance has to remain stable.


With FEM simulation the magnetic flux is optimised and the leakage flux minimised. Due to this the proximity losses are low and we are able to achieve an inductance linearity at high currents.
The thermal flow is also optimised with the help of FEM simulation. With the water/glycol coolant and the simulation we can determine the smalles possible type. Electrical insulations of class F and H with high thermal conductivity help as well. The acoustic isolation can be redeemed with special rubber-bonded metal dampers. Several temperature sensors allow an accurate condition diagnosis.

Technical data

Water cooled high power filter choke with harmonics
750 Arms 2 x 50 µH, 15 to 200 Hz
inductance: 2 x 50 µH
I = 750 A @ 15-200 Hz
weight: 120 kg
dimensions: 480 x 240 x 260 mm
with water cooling

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