Screened audio toroidal transformer

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Screened audio toroidal transformer

BV 1241106

Customer demand

We are looking for a power supply with a stray field low transformer for our high quality audio amplifiers. The transformer should supply our 15 different electronical units with individual voltages. The particular voltage units should have a galvanic separation and a small no-load/load ratio. When turning on the 2300 VA toroidal transformer there may not be any inrush current towards  the mains as the fusing is done with nominal current. All connectors have to be lead centrally out of the transformer.


The toroidal transformer is built individually conform to customer wish and has 48 connectors. The current inrush is avoided due to an auxiliary winding withut additional electronics. The device can be turned on with operating current and fusing with nominal current is possible. As a screening the audio transformer has a static screen between primary and secondary and a magnetic screen on the outside.

Technical data

Power: 2293 VA
Primary: 2 x 115 V
2 x auxiliary windings
2 x temperature fuse
magnetic screen
15 secondary windings
2 x choke 1241101a






Alternative versionAlternative version
BV 11011100
1230 VA
p: 2 x 0-110-120 V Screen
s1: 60-50-40-30-0-30-40-50-60 V 10 A
s2: 15 V 1 A
s3: 15 V 1 A

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